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If tour is unavailable call for reserve tickets! 856-829-3100 (after 2:00 pm)


Vampires, Sex, Ghosts Tour

Vampires, Sex, Ghosts! ...& so much more!


Vampires, Sex, Ghosts!


Our maiden tour voted best in Philadelphia. With an eclectic array of sites
and frights from dark & deviant sexcapades to torture, mass burials &
execution, to vampires, pirates, and ghosts! A solid year of research &
development by university professor Joe Wojie this high
energy, R-Rated adult night tour ensures the highest value in
entertainment and fact. An exceptionally one of a kind, unique, and far
different tour than any other- adventurers are guided past Independence Hall,
The Library of Congress and 2 dozen other sites starting with a core of
traditional stories from our founding fathers and quickly moving to Philly's
most seedy locations like our whipping posts, gallows, red light district; even
recounting hauntings such as that of the City Tavern, pirate ghost ships that
sail the Delaware, and more!


Duration: 7:00 pm - 8:45 pm (& other times available)

Cost: $19.99


*Departs from Independence Visitor Center (April through December)- 599 Market St. Phila, Pa 19106.

Cemetary, Serial Killers, Beer Tour

Cemetery, Serial Killers; Blood & Beer!


Cemetery, Serial Killers; Blood & Beer!


From the burial ground to the bar! Eat, drink, & be merry!


From grave robbers like Dutch Pillet and Levi Chew to psychopathic killers like the “Corpse Collector,” “Frankfort Slasher,” “Hednik’s House of Horrors,” and H.H. Holmes; America’s first- this is not your typical Liberty Bell tour! And…after a fact-packed late afternoon Grim Philly® walk we’ll rest our weary bones one of Philly's finest watering holes for your choice of cold one's from the bar, and just in time for dinner before leaving on our (optional) "Bootleggers Ball Historic & Haunted Pub Crawl!"


Sparsely sprinkled with national icons, tales of yellow fever death, & up close visits to the graves of Ben Franklin, & other founding fathers- this tour tells more of the modern; gritty…some would say “twisted” side of our history. So join us, please- on this fascinating Grim ® adventure of blood & beer!


Tour price includes:

3 historians/guides.*

Paid admission to burial ground, & Christs Church.

Complimentary beverage.

Numerous historical sites including Franklin's Grave, Elfreth's Alley, Betsy Ross House, & more!


Duration: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Sat & Sun

               (& select earlier 12:00 pm times).

Cost: $29.99


*Departs Sat. & Sun. afternoons from Independence Visitor Center (April through November)- 599 Market Street. 1 N. Independence Mall West Phila, Pa 19106.

haunted philadelphia ghost bar tour

Bootlegger's Ball ~ Historic & Haunted Pub Crawl!


Bootlegger's Ball ~ Historic & Haunted Pub Crawl!


From ruthless "businessmen" gangsters shooting up the city in a war to control the liquor trade, to even a few haunting stories of pirates, ghosts, & spectral tavern spirits at the end- enjoy a complimentary beer, shot, snacks, cover charges, & histories as you're entertained with the most chillingly interesting, twisted, & unique facts of our fair city. Though a typical "Grim Philly"® dark history mix of old & new, pub crawls are a solid departure from Grim Philly's usual fast pace & fact-packed regular tours; and are designed as guided evenings out socializing with friends in between bursts of historical intrigue befitting the tavern environment. Come along to socialize as we explore "Grim" Philly's early tavern & waterfront drinking cultures, and some of our most famous prohibition gangsters- Al Capone, Mickey Duffy, Waxy Gordon, Leo Lanzetti, and others on Philly's "RRR" rated #1 educational drinking tour! With plenty of time to socialize and mingle in between activities, including trivia for chances to win free beer, each stop includes additional drink specials as being part of our tour for customers to make a spectacular evening out.  Arrive early and let your servers know you are with the tour to receive drink specials while you wait for your tour to begin!



Guided tour of “Grim” Philly's waterfront, bootlegging, & haunted history.

3+ tavern admissions.

A beer, shot, and snack included in tour price.

Drink specials on additional beverages available as part of our tour.

Ample opportunity to socialize with friends old & new.


Ticket Collection: 5:45 PM.

Tour Begins: 6:00 PM.


Duration: 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Cost: $29.99



*A departure from our usual fast pace & fact-packed regular tours, pub crawls are designed as guided evenings out with friends. Taverns are chosen less for historical significance and more for giving tour goers a modern & cultural variety of local flavor. For differences between our pub crawls and regular walking tours please visit our FAQ page for more details.


*Departs 6:00 PM Saturday from Independence Visitor Center (March 15 through June 7)- 599 Market Street, Phila, Pa 19106.

Grim Philly Ghost Ship

"Grim Philly's Riverboat Cruise: Pirates, Rum Runners, and the Jersey Devil."


Pirates, Rum Runners, and the Jersey Devil Riverboat Cruise


"Drink up me hearties yo ho" as you enjoy cash bar and complimentary hors d'oeuvres while being entertained with true (& uncensored) nighttime stories from moonshiners and Nucky Johnson, Philly pirates and treasure, to the Jersey Devil who terrorized our waterfront at the turn of the century- all on the Delaware's "Grim" Philly waterfront upon which we float. Tour guides include college professors and published authors guaranteed to push the boundaries of refined language sensibilities on this R-Rated after dark cruise of the "Grim" Philly waterfront as we glide down The Delaware in a genuine Patriot Harbor Lines 1920's replica yacht sipping choice beverages.* 100% educational; 200% entertainment...so drink up me hearties yo ho!


Ages 17 or over with parental supervision. Must be 21 with valid state ID to drink.

Arrive early and sip cocktails while you wait!



Ticket Collection: 7:30 PM


Duration: 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM.

Cost: $49.99



*2014 Schedule: Runs every Friday Night throughout summer from Independence Seaport Museum, 211 S Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19106.

Seasonal Events

Grim Philly's: Moonshine & Valentine

A Tavern Tour with Blood, Sex, & Magick!


Moonshine & Valentine A Tavern Tour with Blood, Sex, & Magick!


Love spells, chocolates; blood, & sex; aphrodisiacs, magick; drinking, & hex. Join Grim Philly on this intimate and quality couples evening for two as you enjoy complimentary chocolates, drinks, psychic palm and tarot card love readings, and hear the true history of this lovers holiday with its dark, bloody, and sordidly promiscuous past.


From Roman animal sacrifice to Aztec aphrodisiacs, Indian Kama Sutra, Celtic courtship practices; and Wiccan and Voodoo love potions- learn of the multifaceted and magickal history of love rituals across cultures and time with some surprisingly bloody, magickal, and steamy origins as we visit 3-4 of the best local watering holes, enjoying a complimentary beverage and additional give-a-ways at each. This is a tour like none other by Grim Philly. 2 college professor tour guides along with a published author and psychic as your evening's 3 guides.* So bring your Valentine out on the town for a pulsating lovers evening out with Grim Philly for a night you'll not soon forget.



Ticket collection: 6:30 - 6:45 PM.


Duration: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Cost: $39.99


Amazon voucher holders: to register select number of "Participants" and enter your Amazon voucher number under Promotional Code for a 100% discount. Your credit card will NOT be charged. Show your email confirmation with your 100% discount at the tour and you're all set! For more detailed instructions see our FAQ.


*2014 Schedule: Runs Friday and Saturday night's January 24th through March 8th from:

Zento Contemporary Japanese Cuisine and Sake- 132 Chestnut St. Phila, Pa 19106.


*All three guides at one tour subject to availability.

*Bar drinks and specials subject to availability.

Grim Philly’s: Nightmare Before Christmas Tavern Tour!

Winter! Grim Philly’s: Nightmare Before Christmas Tour!

Toast with the ghosts of Christmas past as we drink in the yuletide spirits of grog & nog on this most entertainingly fact-(& alcohol) filled tour of the holiday season!


Revel in little known facts of Christmas past including the season’s pagan roots in Roman, Celtic & German traditions, while learning of medieval Christian, and New World additions in caroling, mumming & mistletoe.


Traverse our gritty city’s historic & bar district, hearing tales of pirates & privateers to bordellos & beer, to caroling drunkards with wassail bowls full of cheer!


Fact packed & intensively researched, an “education” in Philly’s bawdy & tippled past never felt so much like pure entertainment while reveling in the ‘spirits’ of the season.


With plenty of time to socialize and mingle in between activities,
including trivia and drinking games for chances to win free beer, each stop includes
additional drink specials as being part of our tour for customers to make a
spectacular evening out. In addition to drink give-a-ways and discount drinks
for purchase tour price also includes drink and/or food samples for all at each
stop. Arrive early and let your servers know you are with the tour to receive
drink specials while you wait for your tour to begin!

Tour price includes:

Guided historic tour of “Grim” Philly, & Christmas.

3+ tavern admissions.

3+ drinks.

Additional give-a-ways, & discount specials.

Ample opportunity to socialize with friends old & new.


Ticket collection begins at 6:30 PM (and 8:30 PM).


Duration: 7:00 PM - 10:30 PM (and 8:30 - 12:00 AM)

Cost: $34.99

*Later times will be added when early tours fill. Later tour check-in (when available) will be 8:00-8:30 with tours beginning 8:30 PM; check "Book Now" calendar for availability.


*2013/14 Schedule: Runs every Saturday night (and select Fridays) November 30th through January 25th from Nick's Roast Beef Bar & Grille 16 South 2nd St. Phila, Pa 19106.

Prefer not to take grandma & the kids along to the, “…Sex, Ghost” tour?


Want to take the, “…Serial Killers & Beer” tour but can’t ditch the kids?


...this is what’s up, & you can thank us later for getting you out of family fun at another gradeschool-esq liberty bell snooze!

A Tour for the Kiddies!
philadelphia ghost hunters

Midnight Ghost Hunting! ~ A Mid-Summer Night's Ghost Hunt!


Join Grim Philly and renowned psychic and ghost hunting expert Laurie Hull-McCabe, author of Philly's Main Line Haunts,""Brandywine Valley Ghosts," "Supernatural Pennsylvania," and more- for this special edition of Midnight Ghost Hunting.


Search with your own equipment (provided) alongside the most renowned clairvoyant paranormal investigator on the east coast as you hunt for ghosts in famously haunted Olde City under the cool moonlight over the cobblestone paths of America's most historic, and haunted city! Departing from the bar 11:00 pm sharp, search for spectral spirits throughout the witching hour the last Friday of each month on this limited edition mid-summer night's midnight ghost hunt!


Duration: 11:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Cost: $29.99


*Runs last Friday of each month from Olde City Philadelphia: LOCATION TO BE ANNOUNCED.

Cemetery & Urban History Tour

(Grim Philly’s “Cemetery, Serial Killers;

Blood & Beer” tour for the kiddies ...a wider audience)


“The only thing better than a hooker is a dead hooker, unless you’ve got a half dozen of them stuffed in your closet”- or so sayeth Marty Graham: The Corpse Collector.


If you’d rather jump through a plate glass window sooner than see another friendly free footstep tour consider yourself saved.


You get the graveyard and leeches same as the adult variety with Grim Philly guides spinning the same tales of killers & death: all spoken in the queen’s finest English for the kiddies, of course.


This all ages (mostly) family friendly version of our, “Cemetery, Serial Killers; Blood & Beer” tour is (just about) suitable for a day trip with Aunt Ethel, Cousin Maude, & Tiny Tim too-  prudish uptight’s aside…who’d be best advised to steer clear (no, seriously-  are you uptight? Then stay home; take someone else's tour).


Identical content to our mature audiences tour, given by the same guides—every one of whom holds a college master’s degree—enjoy even your complimentary beer at the end (soda-pop for the youngens) just in time for happy hour food and drink specials at Mexican Post’s restaurant and bar: all ages welcome!


Price:   $29.99 (Adult)

            $9.99/$19.99 (Child/Under 12)


Duration: 3 hrs (TBA)



Audience: All Ages / Parental Discretion Advised.


*Burial Ground opened weather permitting.

*Christ Church opening subject to event calendar (weddings, funerals, holy day events, etc).

Independence Walking Tours!

(Family friendly; all-ages version of our: Vampires, Sex, Ghost, & so much more tour!)


Independence Walking Tours!


Developed by Rider University Professor Joe Wojie;
Independence Walking Tours is the family friendly cleaned up afternoon version of our mature audiences, “Vampires, Sex, Ghosts: and so much more” night tour offered by Grim Philly Twilight Tours that’s won Best City Tour on PHL 17’s Hotlist in 2011 & 2012.


Crafted with the same attention to research and care for enthusiasm & entertainment, Independence Walking Tours is a standalone Philadelphia tour suitable for parents and children alike. You’ll enjoy the scandal (not so much sex!), but torture, death…even a ghost story or two from the nighttime variety; with language and delivery sanitized for grandma and the kids! For those family weekends with the kids when the last thing you wanted was to take another constitutional liberty duck tour- we’ve got the answer to your prayers, & you can save that constitutional for after lunch when you’re through.


Price: $19.99 (adult)

           $9.99 (child/under 12)


Duration: 75 min. (TBA)



Audience: All Ages

Private tours available- contact Info@GrimPhilly.com / 856-829-3100

All tours subject to availability.

Tours run rain or shine, so dress appropriately please!

Telephone reservations subject to additional $5 charge per ticket.

Must be 21 to enter tour taverns and participate in all themed Tavern Tours.

Midnight Ghost Hunting Participants under 21 may remain in outside seating at tavern where tour will begin until tour gathers outside at 11:00 pm. Those entering tavern to meet up with Midnight Ghost Hunting Tour after 10:00 pm must show Grim Philly ticket at door to waive cover charge.

Burial Ground opened weather permitting.

Christ Church opening subject to event calendar (weddings, funerals, holy day events, etc).

Ticket holder agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Grim Philly Twilight Tours and its affiliates in any and all matters, including but not limited to alcohol or other related injury; either personal or to another, and claims sole responsibility for personal actions, injury, or loss there related or not to alcohol consumption and acknowledges the hazards thereof insofar as the consequences of consumption of which will be the sole responsibility of said ticket holder. Ticket holder additionally agrees to all of the General Terms and Conditions stipulated on GrimPhilly.com

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