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Ghosts of the  Revolution

(Dark Philly Adult Night Tour)

8pm Nightly

1776 History & Cheesesteak Tour

11am Daily

Prohibition Pub Crawl


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Perfect for office mates and the discerning learner!

  Sightseeing & Serial Killers

Saturdays 1pm

Vampires, Sex, & Ghosts

8pm Nightly

Ghost Tours Nightly- Spring through Fall

Vampires, Sex, & Ghost Tour

~All the haunted sites ON Philadelphia's historic mile.


~Nightly 8pm

Witches & Ghosts

~All haunted sites OFF the beaten path of the historic mile.


~Saturdays 6pm

Witch & Vampire Combo Ghost Ticket

~ALL the haunted sites of historic Philadelphia

Spring Pub Favorites!

Prohibition Pub Crawl

~Prohibition walk and pub crawl in one.


~Spring & Summer


Haunted Pub Crawl

~Ghost walk and pub crawl in one


~Summer & Fall


~Season Passes!  ~Year Long Pass!

One price entitles purchaser to UNLIMITED Grim Philly events! No up-charges or hidden fees. Pay once; and attend an unlimited number of our events for one full year without restriction.

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Philadelphia's most edgy tours. Our most popular sightseeing and history tours are ghost tours delivered by professors and history teachers through Philadelphia's Historic Mile at The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, and at the homes of Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Paul Revere, Thomas Paine and numerous revolutionary war sites.


Every tour guide has a college history degree.

Vampires, Sex,& Ghosts! (parental-advisory)
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Nightly Ghost Tours


Our nightly ghost tours to The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall go to the homes of Dolly Madison, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, John Adams, (and others)- while visiting also a current 5,000 person mass burial site, a prison, a site famous for grave robbers and ghouls, the first bank robbery in American history; and finally, a famous brothel dating to the early 1700's, and frequented by members of the Continental Congress. Our ghost tours run every night of the week at 8pm and have NO minimum registration. Encore performances are given (dependant on registration) every Friday and Saturday night for later tuors in Fall. As with all of our tours ever guide has a college degree. Most of our guides have advanced degrees, and many are professors and teachers.


Daily History Tours


Our history professor tour guides run 11am daily history walking tours with food directly to ALL Revolutionary Philadelphia attractions including Alexander Hamilton, Betsy Ross, George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and other founding father homes, Revolutionary War sites, and movie set locations. Our daily sightseeing and history walks are suitable for all ages and dependant on minimum registration to run. A special version of our day tours is run every Saturday at 1pm (and sometimes also at 10am) for maturer audiences.


History Pub Crawls


Our professors and history degree holders run numerous themed historic pub crawls including a 1920's era Prohibition Pub Crawl that visits old speakeasies. And, a Haunted Pub Crawl that visits taverns known to be haunted throughout Revolutionary Philadelphia. Our Pub Crawls are two tours in one. And, begin with a one hour historical sightseeing portion appropriate to the theme, and end with a two hour lightly narrated bar portion at two or three establishments. This "two tours in one" format continues until winter when our Christmas and Valentine themes begin and remain indoors the entire time.


Bringing History to Life


Grim Philly and Grim Philly Twilight Tours are a series of highly researched dark history tour varieties on unconventional and gritty topics filled with Revolutionary Philadelphia histories and historic sites in the primary locations saught after by tourists visiting Philadelphia. All of our walking tour guides have earned college degrees, most of our tour guides are local college professors and history teachers. Grim Philly Twilight Tours (our ghost tours) are graphic, and unsuitable for children or those of prudish disposition. Grim Philly daytime history and sightseeing tours at The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall captures the spirit of our nighttime events while embracing a wider audience of family tour goers every day.


Grim Philly Tours offers haunted and historical ghost tours and ghost hunting visiting dozens of sightseeing locations throughout Philadelphia. Voted best Philadelphia tour, expert tour guides have something to teach locals and tourists alike on the most unique variety of haunted ghost tours, pub crawls, cemetery and serial killer tours throughout the city of Philadelphia! So join us on one of our haunted sightseeing ghost tour or ghost hunting adventures!

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